Mar 4, 2014

How Moms can Make Money with Their Crafts

If you are looking for an extra income while taking care of your kids and home, and you enjoy creating, why not sell your crafts and turn them into spending money. You can make it whatever and whenever you want.

Melay's Crafts and StuffsTaking your creativity to the next level is exciting. Whatever your personal reason for handcrafting, making things can be not only good for yourself. Crafting as a hobby is a good stress buster for moms and collecting money for what you do even make feels good. It gives inspiration and motivation to do more when someone buys your crafts and give you a positive feedback.

Where will you sell your items? You can start by selling them to your family and friends. Ask for their feedback and opinions. Online venues are great way to reach customers anywhere. There are many websites like eBay and Etsy where you can post your products for free. Facebook is also a great way to market your products directly to targeted customers.  Establishing an online customer base is a great way to boost sales globally.

How will you price your products? Pricing your work can be a challenge. You may price for whatever you are comfortable with but think first of your competitors. If you price more than other sellers ask, do you think people would buy from you?

Make sure you account for all the cost of the materials. This includes everything that goes into what you
make including the packaging. Next is to determine your hourly cost (the time and effort you put forth to create your goods.) How much time did you make a piece?
Here is an example base on a minimum wage here in the Philippines.

Cost of materials: Php300
Time spent: 2 hours (420/8 = 52.50 x 2) = Php105
Total: Php405

You may now sell the item for Php405 or you may want to mark it up with another 10% (Php405 + 10%). Now the total value of your work will be Php445.50.

Note: If you’re a beginner, you may want to consider selling your crafts at a lower price. Since you’re just starting, thinking that your competitors are more experienced sellers of the same products and has already built their names/brand in the craft industry. Studying up on the competition can help you decide the best price for what you make.

Getting a hard time pricing your crafts? You may also try this app. >

It is very possible in today’s age to make some spending money selling your crafts. Be sure to do your research and follow through your plan by keeping the above questions in mind.
You can join a craft group or any online community with the same interest. There you can learn new skills and may seek for some advice regarding your products.

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