Apr 12, 2014

Stressbusting Ideas and Beauty Tips for Moms

Beauty Tips for Mom
We, mothers try to do everything for everyone else, often leaving ourselves feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. While others spend a bunch of money shopping and joining a high price yoga class, on a get-away trip etc., to get rid of all the worries, you just stay at home, watching television wondering how those ladies do it. And worse, you never realize that you're adding some age to that face.

So what do you do if you are on the budget? Here are some tips to cope up with stress without spending too much:

• Be Positive and Express Gratitude. Start your day in a positive frame of mind and be thankful for the things you do have. It absolutely cost you nothing.

• Socialize. Share some conversations with friends. We should always swap problems. Everyone knows how to solve the other fellows.

• Keep stress in check. Stress can lead to eczema flares and pimple outbreaks. Turn that radio on and try to do dancing at home, to keep your stress levels low. Regular exercise will also keep you fit and sexy.

• Eat slowly. Stop and don’t do anything else. Eat mindfully and enjoy your food and quiet time.

• Take a break and go for a walk. Fresh air is a great rejuvenator. Take a five-minute break every few hours, but use this time to take a walk instead of simply pausing.

•  Relax. Consciously try to relax and let go of your tension.Just 15 minutes of taking a load off and doing almost nothing is good for you.

• Get enough sleep. Be sure to have a goodnight sleep. It allows you to be more reproductive. It is during the night that cell activity is at its most intense.

Being a busy mother, whether you’re a plain housewife or a working mom, single or married, doesn’t mean you must let your self “losyang” or throw away your time for beautifying. While the tips above are just a few to cope up stress. Below are some beauty tips to bring back the confidence in you:

• If you often frown, your skin is likely to develop wrinkles between the eyes that conform to the frowning facial expression. Downplay wrinkles by using highlighter to creases. These reflect light and counter shadows. Concealers make lines look more prominent.

• Help prevent new pimples from popping up by washing your face daily with a gentle acne scrub.

• Smoking drains nutrients from your body that could have been used to keep your skin smooth. Smoking can ruin your complexion too!

• Stretchmarks… You may be able to make them less apparent by using a prescription Retin-A cream or a lotion with glycolic acid each nigh before going to bed.

• Visible veins… The paler your skin tone is, the more likely you are to notice the bluish veins crisscrossing beneath the skin. Although you can’t get rid of them, applying a self-tanner will help disguise them.

• Drink plenty of water. It will help moisturize your skin and was proven as a therapy for some health problems. And it’s free!

• Face the mirror, and tell yourself… I am beautiful! Moms, be confident!

Hope you like this post!

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