May 9, 2014

10 Mother's Day DIY Gift Ideas

Mother's Day was recognized in many countries. Children thank Mom with a handmade card and a bouquet of fresh flowers. Other create gifts to surprise her.

In the Philippines, we always give special affection to our mothers year-round, since most often, she lives with her children to help them raise their own families and looks after her grandchildren until she's old and gray.

Don't know what to give Mom on this very special day? Check out these great DIY gift ideas...

  1. Elastic Bead Bracelet - This is so easy to make. You can buy your materials at any local craft store or at any trusted online stores. If you plan to buy online, be sure to check their feedback first.
    Beaded  Bracelet with Heart charm
  2. Beaded Eyeglass Lanyard - This is a great idea if Mom wears an eyeglass.
    Beaded Eyeglass Lanyard
  3. Crochet Kiss … Inspired by Hershey by Kara - Give Mom some chocolates mix with these stuff with your own message printed at the top of it. Isn't it sweet?
  4. NO-Sew Flowers by Dana - Another unforgettable gift for her. Will last for years. 
    No-sew flowers
  5. Crochet Heart Purse by Annabelle - This is great not just on Valentine's Day but also in any occasion. Mom will surely love this especially if given with couple of bucks inside. :)
    Crochet Heart Coin Purse
  6. DIY Insulated Loaf Pan Carrier Using A Kitchen Towel by Marti - A big help for Mom to take especially when she is out to meet her friends on a picnic or parties. 
    Loaf Pan Carrier
  7. Crocheted Hat by Stitch of Love - Protect her from heat of the sun.
     Crochet Hat
  8. Homemade Bath and Body Gifts Kids Can Make by Stephanie - Treat her with a spa. 
  9. Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase by Beth - Another great idea of recycling a mason jar. Put a picture of Mom and you together and filled with her favorite flowers. 
    Mason Jar Picture Frame
  10. And lastly... why not give her a simple DIY card... here's what I received from my daughter... A simple gift but it touches the heart. 

    A Mother's Day card out of a bond-paper folded in four. She drew the two of us together and written her greetings inside. Notice what she wrote? Lol! :) 

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