May 24, 2014

Back To School Smart Tips

Summer is almost over and it’s time to go back to school. Here are few to tips to get your kids ready.

Back to School
  1. Avoid morning rush. Set the alarm clock. Begin waking late sleepers earlier, closer to the time they’ll need to rise when school begins. By the time they have to go to school, they’ll get to used to sleeping and waking up early.
  2. Prepare their meal routines. Plan meals and snacks to accustom little ones to rituals of the school day before the school year begins. Introduce them to healthy foods. Cut down on sweets, chips and similar junk foods and as much as possible, avoid relying on canned foods for meals. Healthy and balanced meals help your children’s mind and body.
  3. Label their personal belongings. Group school things according to use. This help both of you and your child easily identify their things thus saving a lot of time and energy looking for them when needed.
  4. Proper Packing. Teach your kids to pack their school things properly. Not only will this maximize school bag space, it will also make it easier to find their things.

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