Jun 1, 2014

Crochet Hook Pendant Necklace

Crochet Hook Pendant Necklace
As a crocheter, I was longing for a crochet hook pendant necklace so I searched on the internet for some ideas. I have seen loads of these and most of the instructions are the same. Tried to make one for myself but due to lack of materials here's what I did...

Crochet hook (any size)

silvertone Ball chain
Ball chain (I just recycled mine from my daughters old necklace)
There are different colors of ballchain to match with your hook.

Thick jumpring

flat and round long nose Fliers

First take your hook. Using the fliers, hold each end and slowly bend the hook until it forms just like the 'Breast Cancer Awareness' ribbon/logo. I did this technique since I don't have the material to cut the hook and drill a hole on it. Pendant made.

Now take the jumpring and place it at the top of the pendant. Click here for the instruction on how to use a jumpring.

Finish it by inserting the ballchain into the jumpring.

Crochet Hook Necklace

Hope you like this post! :)

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