Jun 10, 2014

What A Smart Woman Should Have In Her Purse

There are just some things every woman should be able to bring out of their bags…Get ready for unexpected circumstances… because you never know when you’ll need…

  1.  Lipstick, face powder and eyebrow pencil, hair brush or comb Because you’ll always want to look fabulous.
  2. Cellphone. Whenever you need to call someone, there are never any phones anywhere. If it’s prepaid, make sure it’s loaded.
  3. Notepad and pen. They’re great for jotting down notes and blog ideas, writing down reminders or for leaving a number. It gives people the impression that you’re ready for anything.
  4. Book, magazine or a newspaper. When you are waiting in line, got caught in traffic, or waiting for someone. Read.
  5. Safety pins. For quick fixes. 
  6. Breath freshener or mints. It’s a quick fix to a dry throat. A substitute of a toothbrush just in case you decide to eat shawarma or cheeseburger with onions.
  7. Hand sanitize or alcogel. Avoid contracting infections. 
  8. Perfume. Prevent unwanted smells.
  9. Compact or foldable umbrella. Perfect companion in rainy days or even in summer.
  10. Birth Control (of your choice). Prepare. Don’t do anything silly without it.
  11. Wallet. Don’t have to explain why you should carry one. Make sure it’s loaded with money and all the necessary IDs.

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