Jul 28, 2014

My Baby Eats Her Nails

my baby eats her nails
My 1 year old daughter had a habit of sucking and biting her nails. She even put her toes in her mouth. I tried
putting a small amount of hot sauce everytime she starts biting her nails. It seems okay at first, but then she got used of the taste of it. I even gave her toys to play on with but it seems useless since she also put the toys in her mouth.

I also tried diverting her attention by letting her watch videos of nursery rhymes in YouTube, and this time she loves it. I noticed that instead of biting her nails, she would clap her hands and imitate the characters while watching. I think that this is a good idea since she is also learning the same time. I still catch her biting her nails sometimes, so I make sure to trim her nails regularly and her hands are as clean as possible.

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