Apr 22, 2017

I'm Back! A Tribute to Nanay

When mom was still alive
     2 years ago, I opened my Etsy store. But after my first item sold, I had to quit so I could take care of my mom who had an Alzheimer's disease. She became paralyzed and had been bedridden after her potassium level drop and I had no choice but to be her full-time/sole caregiver

    I only stop posting items for sale but I never stop creating. I crochet when I had a time to. A small purse would take me 2 days to finish. I crochet not to sell but to satisfy my cravings and at the same time to relieve stress and grief. It was hard though but it was through crocheting/ crafting that helps me combat my feelings of isolation, frustration and loneliness.
    Last September, mother came into full rest. The feelings of
I used to lay by her side after a tiring houseworks
grief and loss was there again. It was harder than I thought. For years, it was only me and her. She has been part of my daily routine. Moving on wasn't that easy. I had to divert my attention. And how would it be possible? Doing things I love and I'm passionate about. There's my children. I need to make up with them. And here goes my crafts. I'm back with crocheting. Yes it helps me alot. And in fact I feel rewarded. Truly, talent multiplies. Thanks to her, she thought me so many things.

     As I grieve for the loss of my mother, I also thought of her passion... gardening... her plants almost died and what a wonderful feeling seeing them restored.

Honestly, I don't know what plant this is... Tried to google but I couldn't find something similar.
Recycled coffee grounds from Starbucks. Starbucks is giving these away for free!
And yes... sewing (I got my crafty side from her), she's a dressmaker in proffession. I only knew basic in sewing and I must not allow this talent to die with her.

A combination of fabric and crochet
She loved dressmaking, I love purses!
Now I'm back again in selling some of my crafts on Etsy. Keeping myself busy in something I love doing helps me readjust and move on after her death.

Hope you like this post!
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