May 2, 2017

Recycle Soap Scraps Into Soap Bars

      Don't throw away your soap scraps instead gather them and turn them into soap bars.

     A month ago, my brother brought me about 1 kilo of soap scraps. It was really from a soap factory near our place. I was wondering how can we use them since they were into tiny pieces. So I decided to search on you tube for some tutorials on how to turn it into bars. 

     Contrary to the tutorial that I found (from Good Earth Spa), I never scraped or grated the soaps since they were already small.  I never used a slow cooker instead I used a regular stove only that I heated the soaps into very low flame for about half an hour.

Here's how it looks when they started to melt.

I don't have a mold so I only used a regular plastic tray for molding the soaps but I first lubricated the tray with coconut oil before pouring the melted soaps.

I used a heavy duty cutting knife in cutting the soaps.
Ta-da! Here's what my finish products look like. Though not perfect, but they are set to be used again.

For the full tutorial here's the link >>>

Hope you like this post! 
 photo 5F1775F146905742E2D31D96BDA2A821_zpsh8khzlxk.png

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